25 in 25

This was originally posted over on my tumblr, pre-WordPress, but I think it deserves inclusion here. I turned 25 last month, and drawing inspiration from Christina Rosalie’s blog, I decided to start making yearly goals for myself. I’m doing this for two reasons – One, to make more meaningful the passage of time. Two, to help me remain focused, energized, and inspired to do the things that matter most.

Here you go – my 25 in 25. Keep me honest, okay?

  1. spend at least 24 hours exploring somewhere new all by myself Done.
  2. freelance To my shock, done!
  3. screen print the liquids series (or the mountain series)
  4. do yoga through the winter
  5. run the full Spartan Beast As you know, attempted.
  6. finish reading Ulysses I gave up.
  7. run a sub-9 minute 5k race without wanting to vomit afterwards (unless it’s a really sub-9 minute 5k in which case, go ahead. vomit all over your shoes. you deserve it.)
  8. finish writing #muse
  9. hike Mt Mansfield
  10. make a website
  11. get on a plane & go visit someone you haven’t seen in a long time. hug them.
  12. learn to sing & play one song on the guitar. play it for someone. I actually completed this the day after my birthday. I played Crane Wife 3 for Rebecca.
  13. ski Tuckerman Ravine again. without falling this time.
  14. find another 4-leaf clover
  15. remember the birthdays of everyone in your immediate family
  16. brew more beer
  17. take an art class
  18. get business cards
  19. paint. start small.
  20. submit an article to a magazine
  21. attend a poetry slam
  22. work on that “not being a morning person” thing I’m still no morning person, but enjoying early hours more and more
  23. bike 20+ miles
  24. stop being on ‘income adjusted’ student loan repayment plan
  25. get a dog

Obviously “get a dog” is the most important thing on this list.


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