Ski Problem? It’s more of a Ski Solution.

Killin' it with the old man the day after getting my wisdom teeth out.
Killin’ it with the old man today, the day after getting my wisdom teeth out. (That’s as much of a smile as I could manage.) @ Jay Peak

My non-skier friends think I have a problem.

Heck, even some of my friends who ski think I have a problem. But I don’t really care, because no matter how I do the math, skiing comes out the solution.

My first (reliably datable) memory is of learning to ski. My parents, loathe to miss out of a ski vacation just because of a toddler, stuck me in French Canadian ski school. It didn’t matter that I didn’t speak a word of French. I figured it out.

I grew up in the flatlands of Massachusetts where skiing isn’t a common family activity, especially if you’re starting your kids as young as we did. My first time on skis, I was 15 months old. The rest is glorious, powdery history.

I think it’s miraculous that I’m able to live in Burlington, just 45 minutes from my current ski-area of choice. And I think it’s miraculous, too, that I have family and friends with whom to share my runs.

I’m so happy to have been born a skier.


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