Ticket to Ride

Star Trek reference.
The next generation.

All I wanted for Christmas was to put my nephew on skis… And guess what? I got my wish.

It was windy as heck at Jay Peak with snow falling the whole day, but Dad, Grandpa, and Auntie Liz took to the Magic Carpet. The little dude did awesome – even making it up the Metro Quad.

It’s crazy to think that 24 years ago, my father was teaching me to ski just as he taught my older brothers years. And now, again, he’s helping to teach his grandson. Some day soon, that little bugger will be following us into the trees.

I’m feeling pretty gosh darn sentimental. If you’re a skier/rider, do you remember learning? Or have a particular memory of teaching someone else? I’d love to hear your story.

(Here’s the live action version, by the way.)


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