Friends on powder days

Skiing at Smuggler's Notch
Slacking on my home turf.

“Joy is the response of a lover receiving what he loves. This is the joy we feel when skiing powder… This overflowing gratitude is what produces the absolutely stupid, silly grins that we always flash at one another at the bottom of a powder run. We all agree that we never see these grins anywhere else in life”

Dolores LaChapelle

I said goodbye too soon – turns out, winter’s not done with us here in Vermont.

On Smuggler’s Notch yesterday, four inches of light, fluffy powder felt like six. Wind scoured some of the upper trails to frozen spring ice, but deposited it lovingly in the precious, sheltered woods. My first run, I hit a pillow and stepped out of my skis, face-first into a wind-pushed drift a foot deep.

New friends on powder days
The smile says it all.

After that, I met up with a friend-of-a-friend, but by the second run we were real friends. Nothing helps you get to know someone like a long, windy ride on a double chair. Except for maybe the winding way down, ducking in and out of the woods. Turns out, contrary to popular belief, you make the best friends on powder days.

The day was perfect from start to finish – powder turns  on the trails, powder turns in the glades, and powder turns in the slackcountry. I relaxed into the rhythm of bumps beneath my skis, flying through the woods empty but for the two of us… Exactly what my spirit needed.

Smuggler’s Notch was my mountain when I first moved to Vermont. Pulling into the parking lot at 7:45 in the morning, it felt like coming home.


2 thoughts on “Friends on powder days”

  1. Ah you’re so sweet! I definitely feel like I scored a best friend yesterday too! I actually was telling my mom tonight about this awesome girl (you!) that I skied with yesterday and how great it would be (if I wasn’t moving in five days) to finally have an adventurous girl friend! Thanks for an epic day on fast turns on freshies. I’ll hit you up (for mtn biking, ckimbing, etc) whenever I’m back in VT!

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