Summer in the City

It’s really summer now. Heat, humidity, and thunderstorms that light up the sky.

Summer in Burlington is a beautiful time. Suddenly, Church Street comes alive, packed with tourists and locals rubbing elbows and sampling the fresh tastes of summer in Vermont.

Yeah, it's a really tough life.
Yeah, it’s a really tough life.

The song Summer in the City comes to mind.

In keeping with tradition, here is my little list of things for which I’m completely grateful.

  • Blowing bubbles
  • Cheeseburgers cooked on charcoal grills
  • Sunburnt cheeks and noses
  • The wind cooling me down even as the bike and I push further and faster
  • Dresses worn with bare feet

Happy summer, y’all. (And don’t worry… Winter’s on its way…)


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