Introducing “Delphi Project.” (Another Hackathon, Another App)

Remember how my last post was about getting a team together to build an app in 24 hours?

Well. One week later, we did it again.

This time the valiant members of Team Worksandwich came together to compete in the first ever StoryHackVT. The goal of this competition was to create a story in 24 hours using at least three different types of media. As the competition proved, multi-media (also called transmedia) narratives come in all shapes, sizes, and formats. Worksandwich harnessed each of our team members’ unique skills and talents to build a killer story.

And I do mean killer.

“Delphi Project” is a story played through an app, but more than just a story, it’s a fully interactive narrative. You are immediately made part of the plot, and it’s up to you to solve the mystery. The premise is this: by sheer chance, you download an app that is possessed by the spirit of a dead woman. She needs your help to find out who murdered her and why. Before you know it, you are in the midst of a conflict between the multi-national pharmaceutical company, Phoibe, and the shadowy, vigilante Aether Collective.

Check out the trailer, then follow this link to vote for our team, Worksandwich! Voting closes this midnight EST. We need your votes to win!

Justin lent his skills as an app developer, building a smooth interface from scratch. If there was an interaction we needed for the narrative that he didn’t already know, he taught it to himself. During the 24 hours. Without skipping a beat.

Brad designed the user interface – no easy task when we kept going back and forth debating which buttons and fonts went where. He made Delphi come to life.

Coby, an assistant professor at Champlain College, built the Phoibe, Corp website and brainstormed the coolest set of puzzles and riddles. Really, the man is a wizard when it comes to making meaningful, engaging mini-games.

Craig provided valuable design and plot advice, and even though he had to give a talk in the middle of our work time, also volunteered to film and edit “Delphi Project”‘s cinematic trailer. We couldn’t have showed off the app without him.

I provided the narrative and supporting text. For the past year, I’ve been mulling over the basic plot points and characters that became “Delphi Project.” The concept is mine, but I am so thankful for all the honest input my teammates had. Together, we talked our way through plot holes, dead ends, and tricky situations. I love what we’ve built so far.

We’re hoping to have the app polished and released to the App Store in 2014.

It’s going to be a busy winter.

I can’t wait.


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