The next season

Have you gotten the sense yet that spring is not my favorite thing? My roommate certainly has. It must get tiring listening to my nonsensical rants against the warming of the world. Between the loss of snow and the rise of allergies, these months get me pretty ornery.

Musician on Church Street
But I ain’t turning back to living that old life no more.

But, there is nothing less constructive than raging against the weather. Instead, make the best of it. Focus on the seasonality of things.

This spring, I am grateful for:

What are you focusing on this spring?


Don’t like the weather? Wait five minutes.

It’s an old Vermont adage, and let-me-tell-you-what it’s a true one. Especially now, in these days of global weirding, riding the weather is like getting on a roller coaster blindfolded: hold on. It’s going to be a wild ride.

56ºF one day, 32º and snowing the next with blowing winds whipping Lake Champlain to an ocean-like frenzy.

Snow in the pines
More of this, please.

While the second January Thaw has come and gone (hopefully for good), we’re still waiting for the snow to replenish itself. We skiers and riders are hungry, salivating for turns. Me, the slackcountryista, especially. I’ll ski anything, but what I really want is trees.

As we wait, I count my blessings – snowmaking, snowmakers, groomers, ski movies, snow flurries that lay a dusting of snow on welcome mats, and reinforcements that Vermont’s riders are of the most dedicated in the country.

With thirteen mostly-blissful days on skis already this season, I shouldn’t complain… But please, Ullr. Bring us snow!

“Focus on the seasonality of things.”

“Focus on the seasonality of things” is a line from my #muse, and I’ve decided to take my character’s advice.

I waited five minutes for fresh whipped cream. Best decision ever.
Espresso con panna from BTV’s Muddy Waters

I am thankful for:

  • how a layer of snow makes the world seem new
  • cold, bright days
  • the smell of tea tree oil
  • espresso con panna with fresh whipped cream
  • text messages from friends with new diamond rings
  • and, of course, days spent in the mountains